What is HTMLToPdf?

It's a .Net  library through which you can transform html to pdf documents.

it converts  html string in a pdf document, considering styles, css, pictures, ...

Is Required MigraDoc.DocumentObjectModel-WPF.dll, MigraDoc.Rendering-WPF.dll and PDFsharp-WPF.dll libraries that you can download here:

Aside from the above libraries, you  don´t require installation or additional configuration to work.

Usable in ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Console Application, Class Library.


Very easy to implement:

string html = "<html><head><body><span style='font-weight: bold;'>";
html+="Hello world!!.</span></body></head></html>";
HtmlToPdf.HtmlToPdf pdf = new HtmlToPdf.HtmlToPdf();
HtmlSection sec = pdf.AddSection("Section 1");
pdf.AddHtml(html, sec);