Clock for android

Clock for android , great design and ease of use. You can turn off or postpone the alarm clock by turning on the room light, shake the phone, and more. Select an mp3 or music file as alarm tone, use the camera flash light to wake you up before the alarm starts ringing and many other features.

Functionalities :

  • Alarm clock
  • World clock
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch


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Alarm clock features:

  • Turn off the alarm when you turn on the light in the room, so it will be easier to turn off the alarm, especially if you prefer to have the telephone not too close to where you sleep. In addition, also being the light of the room turned on will help you not stay asleep
  • Volume increase gradually to wake you up gently
  • Turn off the alarm by shaking the device
  • Use the external volume button to turn off or postpone the alarm
  • Select from the different tones of the device to sound like an alarm or select an mp3 or music file to wake you up with your favorite music
  • Choose between the alarm sounds, vibrates or sounds and vibrates
  • Ability to turn off or snooze the alarm and sound again in a few minutes
  • Set the volume you want the alarm to sound
  • Alarm can use the camera flash light turning on or blinking helping you wake up. You can also set the time between the flash light starts and the alarm starts ringing, this way you can wake up gently or if you do not sleep alone avoid waking the other person.
  • Name your alarms to differentiate them
  • Set the time that will remain sounding the alarm
  • Set the time that the alarm will sound again if you snooze it

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World Clock Features:

  • Attractive clock, you can see the local time in digital and analog format
  • You can set to display the hours in 24-hour or 12-hour format
  • Show current date
  • You can add any city in the world  to view its time

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Timer Features:

  • Multiple timers
  • Preset timer buttons so with a single finger movement you can set your timer quickly
  • You can set your music tone and volume to alert you when the timer is full
  • Select an mp3 or music file as a timer tone

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Stopwatch Features:

  • Possibility of adding laps to your stopwatch
  • Possibility to pause your stopwatch
  • Graphically show the difference between your current lap and the previous lap
  • Possibility to share with your contacts through Email, WhastsApp, Twitter... your results

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The phone must be on for the alarm to work.

Task killer applications can interfere with alarm clock applications. If you notice some problem with alarms that are not activated and you use task-killing applications, you must add Alarm Clock to the white list.

Alarm clock is just a tool, the responsible for waking you up  is yourself. We are not responsible for a malfunction or misuse of the application. If you notice any error you can write to and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.